Who runs the UBC?

The UBC was started kind of by accident. A couple of birders smack talking about each other’s cities gradually snowballed into what you’re reading about today. The UBC is not a formal organization (at least not yet); there is no money involved, and it’s not a publicity stunt. It’s just a bunch of volunteer writers, content managers, web designers, and coders who like birds and birding just a little too much (or just the right amount?). We do have a few partners though:eBird, PRBY Apparel, The Nemesis Bird, The Urban Birder, BRANT Tours, Leica Birding, BirdCast,  and Churea.


How can my city join?

You can suggest your city for participation by sending an E-Mail to UrbanBirdingChallenge@gmail.com

For every city, we will need at least one representative who wants to organize the blog content, and help draw the city boundary, for that city.


How do you win?

In short, by birding your city as thoroughly as possible for the entire year. Winning is, in some ways, relative. While there will be a big winner in the % of par competition, there will also be small competitions and challenges through the course of the year, and we’ll be spotlighting many different metrics of “success” as well.


What do you get if you win?

Pride. Glory. Respect. Maybe a crown.

Actually, we are looking into obtaining tangible prizes you can see, and feel, and smell. It may just end up being a surprise. More to come on this.


Can any urban area participate?

Right now, the minimum size of participant cities is 250,000, though we will be eventually adding a category of smaller, but still very urban, cities as well.