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This apparently immature bird was molting its outer tail feathers, as well as its outer primaries, but it was already sporting a fairly clean cut version of the awesome upper-wing pattern that is the hallmark for the species.

Summer Birding Fun in the City

Summer time. It’s the season when the birding in many cities wanes. Binoculars and telescopes are traded out for bathing suits, sunblock, and margaritas. For Northern Hemisphere cities, mid-June is often when the birding slows to a molasses-like crawl. The last of the migrant Blackpoll Warblers and Flycatchers are gone, and instead of being replaced […]

Northern Parula-3607

Overwintering Warblers in Phoenix

Its still too early for spring migrants, but March birding in Phoenix generally produces a few decent birds.  The latest edition is a male Northern Parula found on the Arizona State University campus last week found by Jay Taylor.  This bird joins the male Chestnut-sided discovered months back also by Jay.  Both photos taken by Jim […]


Birding Like its 1972 in Phoenix

Birding Like its 1972—Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix, AZ, USA Aside from a Chestnut-sided Warbler which has remained in a ten foot cottonwood tree in a parking lot on the Arizona State University campus for two months now, and a one-day wonder Violet-crowned Hummingbird seen only by the homeowners at a central Phoenix feeder, it’s been a […]